Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mixing Metals

Gold is back with a vengeance... But silvery finishes like polished chrome are still very in style. Hence where the trend of mixing metals has recently come into play. When done right, mixing metals in an interior can look very cool. It tends to create a bit of an eclectic feel, which is one word that describes my personal style perfectly.

The best way to bring this trend into your home is through accessories. Trends are fun to follow (not all of them), but follow them in a non-permanent way so that when they're no longer trends you can easily alter your look. Therefore, incorporate different metals through items such as lamps, candle holders, side tables, pillows, and mirrors. HomeGoods is my favorite place to look for reasonably-priced home accessories -- check it out!

Photo: Cityclectic Design
Photo: Decor Pad
Photo: Domaine Home
Photo: House Beautiful
Photo: Pure Home
Photo: Sadie and Stella

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