Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Black + White Living Room

A black and white living room may sound a bit harsh, but done the right way, it can turn out beautifully. Below are some tips on how to achieve a black and white scheme while still maintaining a sense of coziness.

  • Opt for slightly off-whites
  • Incorporate gold or silver metals through table legs, lamps and other accessories
  • Mix patterns (throw pillows and blankets are an easy way to do this)
  • Warm up the room with an area rug
  • Add artwork and / or framed photos
  • Play with different shapes (ex. a round mirror, square frames, asymmetrical area rug)
Check out the round-up below of black and white living rooms done right!

Photo: Bloglovin
Photo: Centsational Girl
Photo: This is Glamorous
Photo: Decor8
Photo: Pop Sugar
Photo: Decor Pad
Photo: Decozilla
Photo: Design Sponge

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wall Clocks

A wall clock is an easy way to add some visual interest to your walls. There are so many interesting wall clocks out there that incorporate fun colors, materials and shapes and act as a piece of art for your home. Not only are all of the clocks below nice to look at, but obviously, they're functional.

Which one is your favorite? It's hard for me to choose just one!

Wall Clocks

Ren Wil battery clock

Menu clock

Newgate Clocks clock
$46 -

Menu outdoor clock

Karlsson home wall decor
$46 -

Umbra hand clock
$92 -

Newgate round wall clock
$145 -

Alessi clock

Round wall clock
$120 -

Home wall decor

Georg Jensen clock

Umbra modern wall clock
$80 -

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tiny Houses

Ever fantasize about ditching all of your clutter and downsizing to a more manageable home? Well, apparently a lot of people do because tiny houses are quickly becoming the next big thing. I personally love the idea of paring down to basics and only living with the things you really need. I guarantee that your needs can be met with far less then what you're currently living with. The best part about some of these tiny homes is that they can be easily moved to new locations... and they are unbelievably affordable!

Check out a few of the companies who have perfected teeny tiny homes in a variety of styles.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cheetah Print

My favorite little seven-year-old recently told me that "cheetah always goes with cheetah". Although I'm not sure that I would mix multiple cheetah printed items in a single outfit, she definitely has one thing right; cheetah is in. It's one of the few animal prints that seems to always be in fashion. Incorporate it into your wardrobe through single items of clothing, accessories or jewelry. Take a look at a few of my favorite cheetah print picks below.

Cheetah Print

Toms boots

Juicy couture purse
$145 -

Status Anxiety print wallet
$47 -

Nine west jewelry

Nine west watch

ShedRain folding umbrella

Kate Spade cheetah print glove

Merona colorful hat

Vince Camuto accessory
$60 -

Kate Spade cheetah print belt

Le Specs sunglasses
$33 -

FOSSIL cheetah belt