Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mixing Throw Pillows

Incorporating differnt colors and patterns of throw pillows is a great way to add some fun to your decor. Start with an overall pallette or direction such as pastels, florals, neons, or full on rainbow, and then begin building your throw pillow collection based on that. Once you've determined your overall look you can shop around for throw pillows that will help you to achieve it. Try places like Home Goods, Pier 1, Target, Etsy, and my very own Carly Ahlman Design. Just grab styles that you love as you see them, then you're guaranteed to acquire a well thought out collection of throw pillows that you truly love.

I'm continually working on my two-of-a-kind offering of throw pillows, and my website is a great place to start your collection ( All styles are 16" x 16", not too large for side chairs, not too small for sofas.

Take a look at the inspiring interiors below and get started on your mixed throw pillow collection!

Photo: Blocnow
Photo: Homedit
Photo: Jangrue
Photo: Roomology
Photo: Sonehed
Photo: Tastemaker
Photo: The Interioz

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