Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DIY Grown-Up Piggy Bank

Recently my boyfriend Ryan and I decided that we wanted to start saving for a vacation to somewhere that we haven't been before. The desired destination might be Hawaii or somewhere in Europe. With both options being on the pricier side, we decided to start a place where we can save money strictly for our vacation. We could've started a savings account, but we ultimately decided that it would be more fun to literally watch our savings grow, so we settled on a piggy bank.

One trip to Micheal's and about $8 later, we had what we needed for our travel savings to begin. We decided that the bank itself would be a mason jar (perfect for watching our savings accumulate), and found large, durable stickers in a travel theme to decorate the outside. After determining where each sticker was going to go, we placed them on both sides of the mason jar, and that was that!

We made sure to put our piggy bank in a place where we'll see it often. You'd be surprised at how quickly pocket change adds up! Awesome vacation here we come!

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