Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Painted Window Frames

A relatively quick and easy way to add major impact to a space is to paint the window frames a color that coordinates with the rest of the room. This will brighten any space and turn your windows into more of a focal point. Windows are an architectural element of a room that should be highlighted, not always hidden by drapes.

Photo: Apartment Therapy
Photo: Love Nordic
Photo: Decoist
Photo: Dwellers Without Decorators

Photo: Happy Habitat


  1. A little emphasis on certain details creates a stunning impact. It is a rule which interior design has been pulling through for eternity. Window frame being one of the favorite canvases.

    1. I agree! It is a great way to emphasize the architecture of a space.

  2. I'm talking about this today on my blog as well! I found your blog when looking for other examples of painted window frames. Love your insight!