Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beachy Bedrooms

No matter where I end up settling down, I will undoubtedly create a home that has a beachy feel. I have always loved the light colors, natural materials, and laid-back look of beach house decor. These beachy bedrooms are stylish spaces that serve as a calm retreat.

Want to achieve a similar look? Keep these things in mind:
  • Stick with furniture that is white, wood (distressed or white-washed is best for this style), or rattan.
  • Create a calm color scheme with a combination of pale versions of blue, teal, yellow, and tan.
  • Select fabrics that are cotton or linen based.
  • Nothing says "beachy" quite like a jute area rug.
  • When in doubt, add white. Bright white ceilings, molding, furniture, and accessories will keep the look fresh and clean.
Photo: Desire Empire
Photo: Luxe Source
Photo: Monograms and Margaritas
Photo: My Home Look Book
Photo: My Paradissi
Photo: Veranda

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