Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Decorating With Color

Good Style was lucky enough to collaborate with Joanna from Arcadian Lighting on a guest post about bringing color into your space. Enjoy!

Hi there! I’m Joanna, a writer with Arcadian Lighting—a terrific source for all sorts of lighting fixtures, from modern to traditional. I love interior design and enjoy writing about it every day. It’s a dream job that lets me follow my passion. Today, I bring you ideas for adding personality to your space by incorporating color. The rooms below are filled with decorating possibilities that include fun pops of color. Thank you, Good Style for letting me share this guest post with your readers!

Interior Design Living Room Hot Pink Turquoise
Photo: Flickr Fotos
This living room with traditional architecture is infused with color and a bold eclectic personality. It takes a fearless soul to hang drapery panels in such differing patterns, but it works beautifully here because the same fabrics are repeated in upholstery and throw pillows.

Home Decor Lilac Console
Photo: Design Track Mind
An unexpected burst of color comes from the lavender console in this coastal d├ęcor. The colors coordinate with the patterned wallpaper.

Interior Design Living Room
Photo: Interior 2012
Brilliant pink and mint green make this great room come alive. The artwork creates a vibrant focal point, and I love the massive cage light fixture!

Interior Design Living Room
Photo: Garrison Hullinger
I love the colors in this living room! The pink tufted sofa does a great job of anchoring the space. The designer used an earthy palette to compliment the pops of color.

Living Room Interior Design Patterns and Bright Colors
Photo: Home Ideas
A collection of throw pillows brings a comfortable and casual vibe to this sitting area. The combination of fabrics is bold and interesting.

Contemporary Living Room Interior Design
Photo: New Home Interior Design
A contemporary country space is awash with color on a white canvas. The varied textiles give a global look, and are successfully combined with pretty folk art designs.

Dining Room Interior Design Modern
Photo: New Home Interior Design
Vintage modern pieces and brilliant color make for a comfortable open living space. I love the bits of blue that are incorporated through the acrylic pendant and set of dining chairs.

What's your favorite way to infuse bright colors into a space? Check out our color infused pendant lights at Arcadian Lighting.

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