Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkins With Style

Typically I'm not usually a fan of anything with "bling" but I had to make an exception for this adorable fall decorating idea -- and just in time for Halloween! Undecorated pumpkins will always be a classically recognizable decor item for Halloween and fall, but could benefit from a bit of added personality. Carving a pumpkin is fun every once in a while, but if you ask me it's not worth the sticky mess. Instead of carving, gather a few fun crafting items to easily add a little extra style to your pumpkins. Use stick-on gems, glitter, buttons, or lace to create a custom design. Check out the inspiration below and get bling-ing!

Photo: Good Housekeeping
Photo: Gordon Gossip
Photo: Oopsey Daisy
Photo: Wild Ink Press

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