Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Decorating for Fall

Hands down, fall is my absolute favorite season. I love going apple picking, and enjoying the comforting smells of homemade apple pie, hot apple cider, and freshly made donuts. Each year I somehow forget how beautiful it is to watch the leaves turn colors and fall from the trees. So, naturally I love decorating for fall too. With a variety of items that are unique to the season, it's easy to beautify your home for this time of year.

Placing candles here and there is a great way to warm up a space while incorporating a hint of fragrance (my favorite fall scent is spiced apple!). Arrange a few freshly fallen leaves around a candle for a pop of color and an extra touch of fall. And don't forget pumpkins, the fall decorating staple. Mix traditional orange pumpkins with white pumpkins for a chic and updated feel. Organize them in empty lanterns, a large bowl, or a vase for a simple yet eye-catching arrangement. Feeling creative? Incorporate cinnamon sticks, branches, gourds, or anything else that makes you think of fall.

Photo: Thrifty Parsonage Living
Photo: Better Homes & Gardens
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