Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pinecone Decor

Few things remind me of winter more then the look and smell of pinecones. With a couple of dollars and a little time, create pinecone decor that will give your home the feel of the holidays and wintertime. A bag of pinecones can be found at a number of stores or you can take the time to collect them outside. Check out these easy pinecone decor ideas that will give your home the look of the season.

1. Tie ribbon or string around pinecones to display them as tree ornaments.
Photo: Amberlea K
 2. Having a dinner party or entertaining for the holidays? Create name card holders by simply creating a slice about halfway down the middle of a pinecone.
Photo: Good Ideas For You

 3. Attach pinecones in various sizes to a wreath form. Add glittery ornaments or a pretty bow for added sparkle.
Photo: Home Insides
4. Carve out round openings in the tops of pinecones and use as holders for candle sticks.
Photo: Shabby in Love
5. String pinecones along a simple string or ribbon to create seasonal garland.
Photo: Shelterness
 6. Paint pinecones or dip in glitter for a pop of color. Arrange in a vase or bowl and display as a centerpiece.
Photo: Stagetecture

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