Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Decorate with Ladders

Decorating with ladders is a great way to instantly give your space a vintage feel. If you've got an old ladder lying around then you're in luck. If not, flea markets and garage sales are the best places to find a used ladder with a lot of character.

Lean your newfound decor piece against a wall for an instant shelf. Use it as a place to hang neckalaces, shoes, clothes, or anything else that needs a home. With slightly more effort, a ladder can be hung on a wall and used as a shelf for photos, art, or other slim items (hang it either horizontally or vertically depending on your available wall space). Ladders can also be attached to chain or rope and hung horizontally from the ceiling. Try this in your kitchen as a piece to hold all of your stray pots and pans. Folding ladders are great when used as a freestanding piece of furniture. Place small floral arrangments on each step for a touch of color.

Photo: A Beach Cottage
Photo: Decor Dots
Photo: Driven By Decor
Photo: Shelterness
Photo: You Paid More Than Me

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