Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Heart Your Home

Whether you're in love, looking for love, or neither of the above, Valentine's Day is almost here, so embrace it! Celebrate the spirit of Valentine's Day by bringing a little extra love into your home through some heartfelt decor. Although decorating with hearts can sometimes feel a bit juvenile, there are also some "grown-up" ways to bring this beautiful little shape into any space.

My personal favorite heart-decorating-idea is to arrange a collection of photos into a heart shape on your wall. Make it as little or as large as you'd like by altering the amount of photos. If you're up for spending a little extra time on this project, try cutting each individual photo in a heart shape before creating one large heart (these would also look adorable in little frames). Before you know it you'll have a unique photo display.

Create homemade heart garland out of fabric, paper, felt, or anything else that you can think of. Cut out hearts of the same size and string them along a piece of yarn, twine, or rope. Hang the finished product from a headboard, mantel, or shelf.

Add personality to a simple mason jar by decorating it with hearts. Back a paper heart with a delicate doily and attach to the outside of a mason jar with string, glue, or double-sided tape. Fill the finished jar with fresh flowers for the perfect Valentine's Day floral arrangement. Make a few extras to give as sweet little gifts!

Spruce up an existing pillow case with a few felt or fabric hearts. Cut out different sized hearts and attach them to a pillow case by sewing the center so that the sides of the heart float above the pillow (see photo below). Or, sew around the edge of each heart so that they lay flat. For a different look experiment with hearts in patterned fabrics.

Although these decor ideas are perfect for Valentine's Day, they may win over your heart and stick around all year long!

Photo: Joanna Goddard
Photo: Faith's Adventure
Photo: Urban Comfort
Photo: The Pleated Poppy
Photo: Etsy

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