Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Dream Craft Room

If you haven't already noticed; I love to do crafts. That being said, my dream home will definitely have a space where I can craft away whenever my heart desires. As any craft-er can probably relate to; you need a functional, efficient space to organize and easily access all of your crafting materials. Whether it's glue, buttons, or lace, each item has to have a neat and tidy home where it can live when it's not in use. This makes the whole crafting process a whole lot easier.

My dream craft space would have to contain the following elements:
  • Organization! Labeled shelves, bins, drawers, and jars make organizing little crafty nick-knacks a heck of a lot easier. Tip: use mason jars for the small stuff. You'll see what is in each jar without even having to open them up.
  • Make it a "you" space. A craft room should be a fun and inspiring space that you look forward to spending time in. Get creative with it! Paint a pattern or image on the wall, give the ceilings a little color, or keep it calm and simple; figure out what suits you best, and make it happen.
  • A great work space. All these crafts have to be done somewhere right? Tip: pick up a used dining table at a local flea market or garage sale and use it as your crafting work space. It'll add character to your craft room and you won't be as worried about it experiencing a little wear and tear.
  • Pin-up boards for inspiration. I don't know about you, but I'm constantly tearing pages out of magazines with the thought of, "I'm going to make this someday!" in mind. Or, finding scraps of fabric that I know will inspire some sort of craft in the future. Pin-up all of your inspirational items, because you never know which one will spark your next great idea.
Take a look at the amazing craft rooms below. As soon as I came across these spaces, I knew that I had to have a craft room of my own (someday!).

Photo: Martha Stewart
Photo: Decor8
Photo: Ish and Chi
Photo: Caitlin Creer
Photo: Better Homes and Gardens

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