Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Go to Outfit

You should always have at least one outfit style that you can put on at a moment's notice. I would say that my signature "go to" outfit always starts with a pair of dark jeans -- or as I usually refer to them, my "dressy" jeans. For me, jeans are a staple item in my wardrobe that I don't mind spending a little extra money on since I wear all the time. Top off your jeans with a crisp t-shirt and structured blazer for a comfortable yet polished look. Finish the outfit with classic leather flats, a carry-all tote, and some simple yet classic jewelry. An outfit like this is great for a lunch or dinner date, a meeting with clients (depending on your expected work attire), or just going out with friends. And don't forget, comfort is key.
Go to outfit

J Crew linen t shirt
$35 -

J Crew herringbone jacket
$200 -

Mid rise jeans
£140 -

Tory Burch leather flat
$195 -

ChloƩ zippered tote bag
€1.550 -

Michael kors jewelry
$250 -

Jamie Wolf pave earrings
$2,250 -

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